Entertainment and Leisure

Mananchira Square

Mananchira Square is a vast open ground located in the heart of the city. It was thrown open to the public in 1994.  The Square was created by annexing two parks, viz.Tagore Park & Ansari Park, the Pond and the Maithan. It was thrown open to the public in 1994 In fact, the city of Kozhikode is marked by Mananchira. It was once the main courtyard of the Zamorin's palace. The main attraction here is a large pond and a park. The place is named after this pond of the palace of the erstwhile Zamorin ruler, King Mana Vikrama, known as Mana-Devan's Chira (Pond) which was later changed to Mananchira.

The Mananchira square is being maintained by the city Corporation. It is  meticulously landscaped  with lawns trees, plants, an artificial stream and hill, sculptures and an open-air theater. The entire maithan is lined by 250 lampposts designed in colonial style.

Calicut Beach

The renovated Calicut Beach attracts hundreds of people from all walks of life. People from the city, suburbs and even from neighbouring districts throng the Beach during holidays to enjoy sunset and for a retreat. The beautifully laid walkways are being used by people; old and young alike for their morning walk. A marine aquarium sporting a variety of fishes is situated on the northern side of the beach.  Lions Park, which attracts young children, lies adjacent to the old light house.


It is one of the heritage streets in the city and it once boast of the presence of numerous sweet meat stalls selling famous Kozhikodan Halwa and banana chips. The name Sweet Meat Street is so derived.   It is still the busiest shopping spot in the city.


Kallai was once world’s second largest timber trading centre.  Though its place may be relegated in recent times it is still the hub of timber trade in Malabar.

Regional Science Centre

The Regional Science center consists of a science park, a planetarium and an aquarium.

The Science Park abounds with puzzles and wonders of astonishing dimensions and take children to the new world of science. Floating balls that performs acrobatics by moving in a tortuous path, murmurings being carried from one end to another with the help of parabolic reflectors are some of the wonders here. The park contains nearly 50 exhibits which includes huge working models of bisects. The Planetarium located in the Science center complex with a seating capacity of 250, reveals mysteries of the universe, planets and galaxies. It has a complicated Zeiss projector that is used for the shows. The daily timings of the shows are 12.00, 2.00, 4.00 and 6.00 p.m

Krishna Menon Museum

The Museum is situated 5 KMs away from the city centre at East Hill. The Art Gallery is famous for the paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, among others.  Personal belongings and souvenirs gifted by renowned statesman V.K.Krishna Menon  are exhibited in the Musuem.


Sarovaram is an eco-friendly bio-park in Kozhikode city  is a project meant for conservation of the wetlands through eco-friendly tourism interventions by sustainable methods. It also aimed at boosting tourism development in the Malabar region. The first phase of the project that includes a canal walkway, open air theatre, boating facilities etc. were completed and opened for public on 07.12.2008  by  the Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri V.S.Achudanandan

The project site, Kottoli Urban Wetlands spread over 200 acres, is located in the heart of the city by the side of the NH Bypass between Eranjipalam and Baby Memorial Hospital Junction. This is one of the 27 wetlands of natural importance identified by the Government of India for conservation under National Wetland conservation programme.

The wetlands are rich with 7 mangrove spices, 29 mangrove associates and fauna ranging from protozoa to Otter. It is also a congenial habitat for 20 types of water birds, 2 bird associated with water, 3 birds associated with waterlogged reeds and 9 land birds. The 11 km long canal connects Korappuzha and Kallai rivers and brings in periodic influx of saline water which makes the habitat ideal for mangrove, fisheries and other biota.


The major components of the project are canal walkway, boating facilities, Otter Park, Butterfly Park, bird sanctuary, aquarium, coracles, floating rafts, board-walk, park/ musical fountain, open air theatre, Interpretation centre etc.